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Re: Updated dlltools package

Suppose I have an ELF-only system but for some reason want to compile
an a.out libc from scratch.  I'd need an ELF-compiled dlltools in that
situation.  (Maybe I'm paranoid about retrieving binaries off the net
and want to eyeball the source first.  Of course I have to trust
dlltools for this.)

David Engel writes:
>I'm copying this to debian-devel because I think it's a good question.
>I'm surprised nobody else asked it.
>>>Please note that I am not the normal maintainer of this package.  All
>>>I have done is rebuild it to help speed up the conversion to ELF.
>>>Source: dlltools
>>>Binary: dlltools 
>>>Version: 2.17-11
>>> dlltools: Tools used to create DLL jumptable libraries.
>>Uhm, David, why does this need to be compiled for ELF?  Isn't this used
>>exclusively for creating a.out shared libraries?
>Yes, it is only for *creating* a.out libraries, but that doesn't mean
>it can't be ELF.  A better question is if virtually everything else is
>ELF, why shouldn't this be as well?  The same goes for the aout-gcc
>and aout-binutils packages.

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