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Bug#2141: bsdutils should be broken up

[BTW: bsdutils-2.0-1, the ELF version, is now in Incoming on ftp.debian.org]

On Sun, 14 Jan 96 20:50 PST, bruce@pixar.com wrote:

> Some things in "bsdutils" belong in the base system. Other things, like
> "calendar", "vacation", and "banner", do not. It would be best to split
> it into more than one package.

Ok, how about 3 packages:

bsdbaseutils  - goes on the base discs
bsdutils      - remaining BSD utils
bsdgames      - all the games

I've listed the current contents of bsdutils: can you tell me which
need to go on the base discs ?


I'll then put them in the bsdbaseutils package, the rest go in
bsdutils (which then depends on bsdbaseutils).

Then pom, factor, primes etc can go in the bsdgames package I'll do.

How does that sound ?


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