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Re: Bug#2141: Bsdutils should be broken up

On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, Austin Donnelly wrote:

> I'm working on a bsdgames package, which would contain (amongst others):
>    prime
>    factor
>    pom
>    bcd
>    number
> This would be an opportunity to move vacation, calendar, and banner into
> bsdgames.
> However, what about other classics such as:
>    trek
>    worm
>    snake
>    wump
>    tetris (for ttys)
>    robots
>    morse
>    hangman
>    fish
>    boggle
> ?
> What do people think about their presence in bsdgames?
> Should there be two new packages: bsdgames for the "useful" games (first
> list) and a bsdtoys package for the more frivolous ones?

Seems to me that a game is a game. The destinction between "useful" and 
"frivolous" doesn't seem all that productive. The more fractured and 
broken up the packaging becomes, the harder it is for a selective 
installer, like myself, to find all the packages pertaining to a 
particular topic area.

More to the point, we should ask ourselves whether vacation, calendar, 
and banner, are games or utilities/tools. If they are not games what 
class of tool are they?

I sort of see them as text tools...

Just my $.02,


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