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Re: disaster upgrading to elf

On Tue, 16 Jan 1996, Michael E. Deisher wrote:

> My system is still dead in the water.  The problem with tar (bug
> #2146) prevents me from restoring my system from tape.  I have lost
> much precious time and am now very far behind on my work.

I can't help with the tar problem, but was wondering - how much of your 
system is dead?  If it's just the shared libraries, and if you've still 
got libc4-*.deb and libc5-*.deb, could you sort things out with a rescue 

If it helps at all, I can confirm that Ian Jackson's suggestion for the 
upgrade procedure works perfectly.  Last night, in single-user mode, I 
did (replacing `V' with version numbers):

   dpkg --install dpkg-V.deb
   dpkg --install ld.so-V.deb
   dpkg --remove elf-<...>
   dpkg --remove libc

At this point dpkg did not remove libc.

   dpkg --install --auto-deconfigure libc4-V.deb

Now dpkg replaced libc with libc4.

   dpkg --install libc5-V.deb

and then used dpkg to install binutils, libcg++, gcc, aout-binutils and 
aout-gcc, before going multi-user again.

I suppose this should be done from a script, eventually ...

Anyway, I hope you get your system sorted out ok ...


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