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Re: disaster upgrading to elf

On Tue, 16 Jan 1996 16:31:55 +0000 (GMT), Nikhil Nair <nn201@cus.cam.ac.uk> said:

> I can't help with the tar problem, but was wondering - how much of
> your system is dead?  If it's just the shared libraries, and if
> you've still got libc4-*.deb and libc5-*.deb, could you sort things
> out with a rescue disk?

I was able to fix the libraries so that the system was working.
However, when I rebooted I got an endless stream of errors.  I decided
it was a lost cause and wiped my partitions to restore from tape.  My
rescue disks have the bad version of tar on them.

> If it helps at all, I can confirm that Ian Jackson's suggestion for
> the upgrade procedure works perfectly.  Last night, in single-user

That's good to know.  I'll try it after my dissertation is finished.


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