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Bug#2142: some small g77 problems

Sorry for breaking this reply in 2 messages, but I found something:

>  * g77 provides a libf2c lib, and so does the f2c package. I'm not sure
> whether they should `Conflict:'; they are in way complements and not
> substitutes as some code might prefer to be compiled with the one and not the
> other. Also, some packages now depend on f2c (octave does or could) so that
> they shouldn't conflict. I'm CCing this to the f2c maintainer who might want
> to comment.

As I claimed, there is something about this in the (not in the package
yet) file "INSTALL":

    If you do have f2c on your system, you need to decide how users
    of f2c will be affected by your installing g77.  Since g77 is
    currently designed to be object-code-compatible with f2c (with
    very few, clear exceptions), users of f2c might want to combine
    f2c-compiled object files with g77-compiled object files in a
    single executable.

    To do this, users of f2c should use the same copies of f2c.h and
    libf2c.a that g77 uses (and that get built as part of g77).

This is why I installed the libf2c.a library.
I'll put the INSTALL file in the package, as it clearly seems neccecary!

Anyway, thanks again for the comments,

joost witteveen
There's no substitute for reading README's.
(except for using Debian, and typing "dpkg -i package.deb").

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