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Bug#2142: some small g77 problems

Package: g77
Version: 0.5.17
Revision: 0

 * There are two (actually quite neat) typos in debian.control:
	Description: The GNU Frontran 77 compiler (ELF version).
	  Compiles Fortran 77. With this, you can debug frotran code with
	  gdb, which isn't possible with f2c.

 * The documentation in /usr/doc/g77 should be gzipped, at least the file DOC
which is over 100 kB big. This file, though ascii, looks a lot like it has
been prepared using texinfo. Isn't there a way to get an .info file that
could go into /usr/info?

 * g77 provides a libf2c lib, and so does the f2c package. I'm not sure
whether they should `Conflict:'; they are in way complements and not
substitutes as some code might prefer to be compiled with the one and not the
other. Also, some packages now depend on f2c (octave does or could) so that
they shouldn't conflict. I'm CCing this to the f2c maintainer who might want
to comment.

 * g77 contains /usr/bin/g++, as does gcc. Maybe g77.preinst should move an
existinng g++ into some other name, and move it back in g77.postrm. This
might require some more thought.

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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