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Bug#2143: dpkg-1.0.5: no man pages?

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.0.5

I've last week installed debian-0.93R6, and have not had
the pleasure of reading any man pages about
and the lot.
I just checked, and dpkg-1.0.5 doesn't have any (1) man pages about
these (and more) programmes, while dpkg-1.0.8 does.

Is this really a bug, or did something else go wrong with
my installation procedure (should the dpkg man pages have been
installed with some other package?)

dpkg --contents dpkg-1.0.5.deb | grep man1
[no output]

I'm about to install 1.0.8, just to get the man pages! (and,
maybe, a lot more)

joost witteveen
There's no substitute for reading README's.
(except for using Debian, and typing "dpkg -i package.deb").

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