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Re: umount -n (was Re: Halt script)

> or put a timeout on it. Sometimes when we lose the network here we
> want to shutdown the machines but they hang on the NFS umount operation.

The bug seems to be that nfs umount doesn't time out...

I have this problem in my PCMCIA shutdown scripts; I find out that the
net is gone *after* I remove the card, so what I really want is a
umount -t nfs -n (ie. don't even bother to generate the net packets,
just inform the kernel) but this doesn't exist... so having it timeout
in some reasonable time (which is *not* related to the data timeout,
since there shouldn't be one.)

Of course, nfs(5) still says
       The  umount  command  should notify the server when an NFS
       filesystem is unmounted.

which isn't vaguely true, since the whole *problem* is that it tries
(and fails) to do this notification...

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