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Re: umount -n (was Re: Halt script)

You (Siggy Brentrup) wrote:
> >>>>> "Miquel" == Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> writes:
>     Miquel> I've changed it like this:
>     Miquel> umount -a -tnonfs
>     Miquel> umount -a -tnfs
>     Miquel> to be sure nfs is unmounted last.
> This will refuse to unmount my locally mounted /var fs since /var/spool is
> nfs-mounted.
> If I'm missing a point, please enlighten me.

Euh.. like, your right. Sorry. So that's definitely not the way
to do it then. I haven't looked at the umount code; it should try
to unmount all local disks before the NFS ones if at all possible,
or put a timeout on it. Sometimes when we lose the network here we
want to shutdown the machines but they hang on the NFS umount operation.

Anyway that's not the concern of the halt/reboot scripts, since it
is too complicated. I'll just change it to umount -a.

Thanks, Mike.
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