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Re: Files on the FTP site...

In article <[🔎] 199601091456.GAA04945@bb29c.mdd.comm.mot.com> you wrote:
: Since then, I've been announcing to debian-devel.  Should I switch
: back to debian-changes?  (most of my recent uploads are elf packages
: for the development stream, vs. fixes for packages in the stable
: stream)

Personally, I think the right steps have been taken to handle the problems
posed by CDROM folks snatching the wrong bits.  I'd prefer to see the package
change information go back to the -changes group.  I think that as long as
the postings include enough info about whether the package is experimental or
stable, etc., that our users can make their own informed decisions about what
they want to snatch and try when.


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