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Re: Files on the FTP site...

   ncurses3.0-1.9.8a-3 should be in base, seeing as how it contains the
   shared libraries.


   Also, strictly speaking, ncurses-bin-1.9.8a-3 probably doesn't _need_
   to be in base (I'd hope the programs in it probably aren't going to
   see much use).

ncurses-bin contains clear and reset, which are fairly important; this
is why I moved it to base.

   Also, the latest versions of minicom/lrzsz seem to have disappeared
   from Incoming, yet they are not in either the stable or ALPHA trees.

   I'm going to re-upload them on the assumption that this was

You don't need to reupload them; I moved them into a subdirectory of
Incoming to reduce the clutter, as I never received announcements for
either of them; nor could I find announcements in the list archives.
All you need to do is send announcements to debian-changes@pixar.com
and they will go to the right place.

I'll try to find my old copy of Incoming policy and post it to

   If they could be placed in both the stable and ALPHA trees, I'd
   appreciate it---maybe we'd finally quit getting bug reports on


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