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Bug#2093: perl dumps core on libwww-perl-5b5

Package: perl
Version: 5.002-3

Perl dumps core when run on the VERSION file included with
libwww-perl-5b5 (Avaiable via the CPAN archive).  A copy of the
VERSION file is included.



=head1 VERSION

This is a self-modifying file. Whenever a version number in one of the
members increases, this program increases its own version number by
0.01. Can also increment alfa/beta version numbers.  Members are
enumerated below the __END__ token.

This implies that we get a new timestamp. If we make Makefile
dependent on this program, we get a new Makefile everytime one of the
versions changes. It is really not the cheapest solution, but maybe
the most trivial one.

Add a new module by writing its name on a line after the __END__ token.

Change the overall version number arbitrarily by changing it within
this file.

=head1 Author

Andreas Koenig <koenig@mind.de>



use lib "lib";

while (<DATA>){
    next unless $lib;
    $lib{$lib}=$version || 0;

for $lib (sort keys %lib) {
    push @m, "use $lib;";
    push @n, "\$rewrite++ if \$$lib\::VERSION > $lib{$lib};\n";
    push @o, "$lib \$$lib\::VERSION\n";

eval join "", @m;
die $@ if $@;
eval join "", @n;
die $@ if $@;
eval join "", "\$o = \"", @o, "\"";
die $@ if $@;

&rewrite if $rewrite;
print "$VERSION\n";

sub rewrite
    # Increment version number
    if ($VERSION =~ /((?:^\d+(?:\.\d+)?-?)?[ab])(\d+)$/) {
        $VERSION = $1 . ($2 + 1);
    } else {
        $VERSION = sprintf("%.2f", $VERSION + 0.01);
    # Patch this file
    open READ, "$0" or die "Can't read myself: $!";
    $versions = "";
    while (<READ>) {
        $versions .= $_;
        last if /^__END__/;
    close READ;
    open WRITE, ">$0";
    print WRITE $versions;
    print WRITE $o;
    close WRITE;

Font::AFM 1.07
HTML::Element 1.18
HTML::Entities 1.01
HTML::Parse 1.11
HTTP::Date 1.10
LWP 0.05
LWP::Socket 1.15
MIME::Base64 1.03
MIME::QuotedPrint 1.04
Mail::Cap 1.03
URI::URL 3.05

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