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Bug#2094: rxvt cut and paste is hosed

Package: rxvt
Version: 2.10-1

Attempting to select a portion of text that is partially in the
scrollback buffer and partially in the view area does not work.

The result is two distinct highlighted portions of text, one in the
scrollback buffer and one in the view area.

Furthermore, the man page says:

     < paragraph on pasting deleted>
     The left and right mouse buttons are used to select text.  A
     text  selection  starts at the point where the left or right
     button is pressed,  and  ends  at  the  point  where  it  is

That's not the behavior I see.  The behavior I see is

1. left button press starts selection.
2. left button release ends selection.
3. right button press extends the selection (unless any part of the
   selection is outside the view area).

Actually, I like this behavior better than that described in the man


1. Fix the problem with extraneous highlighted text.
2. Add the following functionality:

   a. right button press extends the selected text from where the
      previous selection left off, even if the previous selection
      is in the scroll buffer.

   b. selection starts from the character to the left of the pointer
      instead of the character under the pointer (like xterm).
      This change makes it possible to cut a single line without
      moving the mouse pointer across the entire window and without
      necessarily selecting the first character of the next line.

3. Change the man page to reflect the actual behavior.


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