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Re: A Dependency in dselect for 0.93R6

Lars eros Bahner writes ("A Dependency in dselect for 0.93R6"):
> I thought you might want to think about this:
> There isn't any dependency or recommendation from the 'source' package to 
> the 'bin86' package. I forgot to download the assembler and consequently 
> had an errormessage after having compiled the Kernel all night. 

This isn't my problem - this is for the maintainers of the relevant
packages to sort out.  I'm not sure what a good solution is, given
that the source package is important for the system include files.

I've sent this to debian-devel.

> Anywayz, dselect is really friendly and nice to use. I find it a good 
> ernhancement in comparison with the Slackware pkgtool and shell. There 
> was a sort of a gap in the Slackware solution that has now been passed 
> into oblivion. Finding packages is fast and intuitive.



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