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Bug#1995: run-parts on laptops

Raul Miller writes ("Re: Bug#1995: run-parts on laptops"):
>    Is there any point in establishing an init runlevel for "undocked"
>    operation - that is, using a laptop away from AC power? Some
>    laptops are capable of sensing when they go on and off of AC and
>    could change the run level on their own.  I can think of situations
>    where you would want cron to run when AC was available.
> This sounds like a neat concept.  Run-levels are rather limitted, but
> this seems to fit in with existing uses of the concept.
> I don't suppose there's any sort of run-level registry anywhere?

Runlevels are usually a matter of local policy.

The ability for the sysadmin to control the default configuration of
new packages in /etc/rc*.d, by having update-rc.d copy this default
config rather than inventing its own based on command-line options, is
on my wishlist for dpkg.


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