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Bug#1995: run-parts on laptops

Raul Miller writes ("Re: Bug#1995: run-parts on laptops"):
> Remember, this is a space-cramped laptop.  Here, I wind up paying for
> about 70k of storage to get a 6.7k executable.  [This is more an
> administrative annoyance factor than a space issue.]

Perhaps savelog should be moved into another package, then ?

> More importantly, as these rc*.d/???cron files aren't conffiles, this
> loses every time you do a dselect install with a new cron-*.deb file
> accessible.

No, the rc*.d/???cron files are not in the package - they're created
by update-rc.d.  If there are *any* ???cron files there at all then
update-rc.d will not modify the existing configuration.

> Perhaps it's time to make a way of registering changes to
> non-conffiles as "local-conffiles" in /var/lib/dpkg/status?

This is on my wishlist already ...


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