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Re: beware sysvinit 2.58 installation

You (Helmut Geyer) wrote:
> Hi!
> There is a small problem with the new sysvinit (2.58-1) suite. Once you have
> installed it, you can't shutdown/reboot/halt the system as these use a 
> different way of communicating than the 2.57* init (a FIFO, no longer a file).
> So please make copies of the old init,shutdown, halt and reboot programs and
> reboot right after installing sysvinit 2.58. After rebooting, you can
> delete the old files.

Allright, I see what happened.

The 0.93R6 sysvinit-2.57b used /var/log/initrunlevel as the file to
communicate with init. The debian-1.0 version of sysvinit-2.57b
changed this to /etc/initrunlvl (as the default was in the original source).

sysvinit-2.58 can and will use /etc/initrunlvl as a fallback when the
communication through the named pipe fails, but there is a problem
now: _which_ file should it use for fallback ? The one from 0.93R6
or the one from 1.0 ?

I guess it should be /var/log/initrunlvl, as in 0.93R6, so that
people can upgrade from 0.93R6. It will only make it problematic
for people upgrading from 1.0 but oh well.
I'll have to make a sysvinit-2.58-2 today in that case.

Comments, anyone?

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