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Re: beware sysvinit 2.58 installation

On Wed, 3 Jan 1996, Jeff Noxon wrote:

> Shouldn't packages doing stuff like that do some postinst _after_ rebooting
> the machine?  They could just add an rc file that removes itself once it
> executes.

Good thought.

On a different but, I think, related matter, I think we have a general
problem with backwards compatibility issues on packages making major
changes and, sometimes, with new packages.  I have several times had
package upgrades install and work just fine, but fail to work when
installed on a new system installation because they depended on
things which were not in place on a new installation, but which
were in place on the maintainer's system for package testing.

Most of these problems are in the past.  The only current example
I can cite is the X11 packages, and that may be just that those
packages need some particular installation procedure which isn't
clear on a no-brainer install (I'm currently running without X11
installed because of this sort of difficulty, but haven't found
the time to dope out the details).

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