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Bug#2088: README.fdisk gone missing.

Package: miscutils
Version: 1.3-5

The BUGS section of the manpage for fdisk:

       Although  this  man  page (written by faith@cs.unc.edu) is
       poor, there is excellent documentation in the README.fdisk
       file  (written by LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk) that should always be
       with the fdisk distribution.  If you cannot find this file
       in  the  util-linux-* directory or with the fdisk.c source
       file, then you should write to  the  distributor  of  your
       version  of fdisk and complain that you do not have all of
       the available documentation.

I cannot find README.fdisk anywhere:

	% dpkg --search fdisk
	miscutils: /usr/man/man8/fdisk.8
	miscutils: /usr/man/man8/cfdisk.8
	miscutils: /sbin/cfdisk
	miscutils: /sbin/fdisk

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