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Re: Bug#2088: README.fdisk gone missing.

This has been reported before -- the bug is still outstanding for several
reasons, but I will fix it in the next ELF release.

The future of the current version of fdisk seems to be somewhat
questionable, especially now that Bruce is working on a front-end for
fdisk 3.0.  I suppose we'll probably retain this one in some shape
or form just to keep familiar users happy.

In any case, I expect to release a new version of miscutils this weekend,
depending on my health after some minor surgery on Friday.  :)



> Package: miscutils
> Version: 1.3-5
> The BUGS section of the manpage for fdisk:
>        Although  this  man  page (written by faith@cs.unc.edu) is
>        poor, there is excellent documentation in the README.fdisk
>        file  (written by LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk) that should always be
>        with the fdisk distribution.  If you cannot find this file
>        in  the  util-linux-* directory or with the fdisk.c source
>        file, then you should write to  the  distributor  of  your
>        version  of fdisk and complain that you do not have all of
>        the available documentation.
> I cannot find README.fdisk anywhere:
> 	% dpkg --search fdisk
> 	miscutils: /usr/man/man8/fdisk.8
> 	miscutils: /usr/man/man8/cfdisk.8
> 	miscutils: /sbin/cfdisk
> 	miscutils: /sbin/fdisk
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