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Re: Bug#2086: installation bugs/inadequacies

I'll throw in some comments of my own.  :)

> * The base disks do not contain vi. This is unacceptable.

I'm also irritated by this.  Also, we should have a rescue disk of some
sort that has fsck.

> * Debian did not recognize my D-Link DE-530CT ethernet card with the
>   de-4x5 driver (Slackware has no problem with this).

This has been reported several times.  The de4x5 driver does not work
as a module without some parameters.  There is no way to pass these
parameters from /etc/modules.

Please: The de4x5 driver should not be provided as a module.

Unless, of course, someone wants to fix the PCI probing so it works
as a module.  Doing so is completely safe, but for some reason the
driver won't do it.



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