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Re: binary-alpha and binary-sparc directories

[This goes to debian-devel only.]

  Raul Miller writes:
  Raul> It does look like dvips was superceeded by some other package, and
  Raul> that it did originally have some executables in it. 

Nils switched to the upstream convention of reflecting the 'k' for Karl
Berry's kpathsea in the package name.

I had moaned about this weeks ago. You have to manually delete dvips after
installing dvipsk, xdvi after xdvik etc. A "Conflicts:" in debian.control
might have helped here. Or a new "Replaces:" field.

  Raul> /usr/bin/fort77 is a perl script, the only other things I see in this
  Raul> package are a man page and a copyright statement.  Since I have f2c
  Raul> on my system as a separate package, I'd guess that fort77 has also
  Raul> been superceeded...

Nope. f2c is a pain as far as the interface is concerned. fort77 is a pretty
little perl beauty that gives it an f77-like interface so that you can
seamlessly use Makefiles that assume you have f77. (I also linked it to f77.)


Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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