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Re: binary-alpha and binary-sparc directories

Raul Miller wrote lately:
> Ian Murdock:
>    I doubt there'll be a substantial number of architecture-neutral
>    packages; we can either copy or link them into all of the trees.
> I suppose this depends on what you mean by substantial...  Here's a
> list of packages that appear to be architecture-neutral, by cursory
> examination on my system.
any package which needs to be compiled is of course not arch-independent.
on my system here (sunos, not debian ;-)) at least the following are 
partially compiled:

> ii  dvips            5.58f 2    TeX DVI-driver for Postscript
> ii  fort77             1.6 1    An f2c front end to make it look like a compile
> ii  makeidx           2.12      Makeindex, a general purpose index processor
> ii  metafont          2.71 2    Metafont - TeX's font engine
> ii  xdvi              1.8f 2    A TeX DVI-previewer for X11

the following is even in the source not arch-independent:
> ii  syslinux          1.20 0    Boot disk creator.

of the following i don't know (now) which files are included.
some files which i call auxilary files (eg the string pool) 
are also arch-dependent, but they might not be included in this
> ii  mflib              1.0 5    Auxiliary files to run Metafont
> ii  texlib             1.0 4    Auxiliary Files to run TeX


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