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Bug#2083: machine hangs when ftping large file

> unaffected.  I'd also _highly_ recommend the DEC PCI cards, and also
> the Kingston PCI cards.  The Kingston cards use the DEC ethernet chip,
> work with the DE4X5 driver, and cost $60-$70.  Not bad for 1MB/sec
> transfers.

I've a dirt-cheep (ie, I got it for free) NE2000 clone with a UMC chip on
it.  Over unloaded ethernet, I can send at about 1200-1300 k/sec (the
theoretical max of ethernet), but only recieve at 500 or so (can't win em
all, I guess).  I've a P-120, and the card is 16 bit ISA.

						- John Larkin

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