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Re: binary-alpha and binary-sparc directories

Ian Murdock:
   I doubt there'll be a substantial number of architecture-neutral
   packages; we can either copy or link them into all of the trees.

I suppose this depends on what you mean by substantial...  Here's a
list of packages that appear to be architecture-neutral, by cursory
examination on my system.

[Potential flaws -- packages which are partially deleted by collision
with other packages, packages which rename their files after
unpacking, Tex .tfm files sometimes look like executables.  However,
I've spot cleaned this by hand, so it shouldn't be too far off base.]

ii  adduser           1.94 3    Utilities to add users and groups to the system
ii  amsfonts           2.2 3    Additional Fonts from the AMS for typesetting m
ii  amslatex           1.2 3    Math extensions for LaTeX from the AMS
ii  amstex             2.1 1    An addon package for plain TeX from the AMS
ii  arrl-infoser     1.0.0 0    Ham-Radio Information from the ARRL Info Server
ii  autoconf           2.4 1    The GNU Autoconf configuration system.
ii  babel              3.5 1    Support for multilingual typesetting with LaTeX
ii  dpkgname           0.4 0    Rename Debian packages to full package names.
ii  dvips            5.58f 2    TeX DVI-driver for Postscript
ii  elisp-manual    19-2.4 1    Emacs Lisp Reference Manual
iU  elv-fmt         1.8pl4 19   Adjust line-length for paragraphs of text
ii  emacs-el         19.29 4    GNU Emacs LISP (.el) files.
ii  fort77             1.6 1    An f2c front end to make it look like a compile
ii  glibcdoc          0.06 1    GNU C library Info documentation.
ii  gsfonts          2.6.1 2    Fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
ii  hyperlatex         1.3 5    Creating HTML using LaTeX documents.
ii  iamerican       3.1.18 3    An American English dictionary for ispell.
ii  jargon           3.1.0 1    The definitive compendium of hacker slang.
ii  latex               2e 4    Write structured documents with TeX
ii  ltxgraph          0.7b 1    Color and graphics in LaTeX
ii  ltxmisc            1.0 1    Additional small styles for LaTeX
ii  ltxpckg            1.0      Standard LaTeX packages
ii  ltxtool            1.0 3    Add on macro packages for LaTeX
ii  makeidx           2.12      Makeindex, a general purpose index processor
ii  manpages           1.8 1    Manual pages for section 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9.
ii  metafont          2.71 2    Metafont - TeX's font engine
ii  mfaddfnt           1.0      Metafont sources for additional fonts
ii  mfbasfnt           1.0 3    TeX's default fonts.
ii  mflib              1.0 5    Auxiliary files to run Metafont
ii  mfnfss            2.1g 1    Use additional Metafont fonts with LaTeX
ii  mh-papers        6.8.3 1    The MH papers: A set of document on/about MH.
ii  mirror             2.8 0    Mirror script for keeping ftp archives up-to-da
ii  motifnls           1.0 1    The XFree86 Motif-1.2 NLS resource defaults.
ii  ntgclass          9412 1    NTG document classes (dutch TeX users-group).
ii  oldgerman          1.0 1    Nice gothic and fraktur fonts for TeX
ii  pandora            1.0 1    The Pandora fonts
ii  psnfss             5.2 1    Support for Postscript fonts with LaTeX
ii  syslinux          1.20 0    Boot disk creator.
ii  texidoc            3.6 5    Texinfo manual - how to write a Texinfo file
ii  texlib             1.0 4    Auxiliary Files to run TeX
ii  texpsfnt           1.0 1    Virtual fonts and TFM's to use Postscript fonts
ii  textfm             1.0 3    TeX standard font metric files
ii  vm            5.95beta 1    A mail user agent for Emacs
ii  w3-el           2.2.25 4    This is a hypertext (Specifically World Wide We
ii  wenglish           1.0 3    The english dictionary words for /usr/dict.
ii  workbone           2.3 3    Simple text-based CD Player
ii  xdvi              1.8f 2    A TeX DVI-previewer for X11
ii  xfnt100          3.1.2 1    XFree86 3.1.2 100dpi screen fonts.
ii  xfnt75           3.1.2 1    XFree86 3.1.2 75dpi screen fonts.
ii  xfntbig          3.1.2 1    XFree86 3.1.2 large Kanji and other fonts.
ii  xfntcyr          3.1.2 1    XFree86 3.1.2 Cyrillic fonts.
ii  xfntscl          3.1.2 2    XFree86 3.1.2 scaled fonts (Speedo and Type1).
ii  xmanpages        3.1.2 2    XFree86 3.1.2 manual pages.
ii  xypic              3.2 2    Typesetting graphs and diagrams with TeX.


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