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disk tool

I have been writing the Debian disk tool for the past two days. This is
an ncurses form-and-menu-driven program that is a front-end for fdisk3,
mkfs, mkswap, and mount. It also edits /etc/fstab. The user selects the
partition location, size, type, and mount point in one step, and the
program does the rest. It will become part of the installation system,
and will also be available on the hard disk.

Please help me maximize the time I have to work on this program.  I've
signed off of debian-user, and I'm spending little time with
debian-devel. It would be nice to know that one or more people were
taking on the responsiblity to make sure that someone is handling each
user question.


Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> Pixar Animation Studios

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