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Re: Bug#2063: scsi driver sequence unreasonable

In article <199512271741.LAA01207@router.patch.net> you wrote:

: It doesn't really matter if a 152X gets detected before a high-power
: whiz-bang SCSI-matic 2010 PCI adapter, because you can still put root
: on any SCSI controller you like.

You are correct, of course, Jeff, but the problem with having a card like
a 15[12]X recognized first is that if you have machines like mine, which all
have one fast controller that's always there and has the root on it, and you
then stick 1510's in from time to time when you need to temporarily hang
an external disk chassis on, or put a tape drive on, or something else that
is transitory, you have to go through contortions to boot because what 
normally would be the 0th SCSI controller isn't any more, though it may be
again shortly.

This seems unfortunate.  The other OS's I've had experience with (and there
are many on the list) always made it possible to either nail down hard where
the root disk was going to be, physically, or they sequenced driver discovery
"correctly" to handle this case.  None have been perfect for all cases, but
all treated my needs better than Linux currently does.

I'm not going to get upset no matter what Simon decides to do, because I
suspect I'll be building custom kernels for most of my machines no matter
what, but I wanted to make sure that the "silliness" of the current approach
in my eyes got registered someewhere and fed back upstream.


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