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Re: Bug#2063: scsi driver sequence unreasonable

Hi Bdale,

> I'm not going to get upset no matter what Simon decides to do, because I
> suspect I'll be building custom kernels for most of my machines no matter
> what, but I wanted to make sure that the "silliness" of the current approach
> in my eyes got registered someewhere and fed back upstream.

Agree.  I need some feedback on this issue:

How many people never compile their kernel and why?

There are many good reasons to DO compile your own kernel and very few I
know of not to.  If needed, I am willing to attempt writing a short and
simple description of the process and answer any questions that pop up.

If it were up to me, the only use of the image package should be for
creating boot floppies.  Again, I could expand on it if interest
warrants it.

Happy New Year to you all!


P.S.  Please ignore the below address and flame shimon@teleport.com.
      He receives and answers mail :-)

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