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Re: Bug#2063: scsi driver sequence unreasonable

IMHO, the fewer changes between Debian's kernels and the upstream
ones, the better...

> You are right, of course.  I changed it in 1.3.47 and the DPT (has
> NOTHING to do with the AHA drivers) and the Buslogic are at the top. 
> What other AHA-compatible do we have that should move?  I a mopen for
> suggestions.

I don't see why we should move any of them.  They're arranged in the
order they are in for two reasons: 1) to prevent probing problems (i.e.
BusLogic must come before Adaptec 154x), and 2) to allow the more
popular and/or problematic cards to come first.

It doesn't really matter if a 152X gets detected before a high-power
whiz-bang SCSI-matic 2010 PCI adapter, because you can still put root
on any SCSI controller you like.

If there is a _really_ good reason to change the probe order, we should
discuss it on the kernel and scsi channels, and get it changed in the
upstream source.

Remember: if you move probes around, earlier probes have a chance of
putting hardware in an unusable state, preventing later probes from

> Besides, with the nice support that Adaptec gives Linux users we should
> really re-locate the drivers to /dev/null anyway, but the Linux
> developer supporting these things IS a nice guy, so...

Adaptec provides free programming information on the 154X and 174X series,
as well as the AIC-6X60 chips (152X), so be nice...  I'm not thrilled with
their policy on current products, but they're still excellent products. :)

Merry Christmas!


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