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Re: why doesn't binutils-2.6-1 provide a shared library?

> Shouldn't binutils-2.6 provide a shared bfd library?
> It used to in 2.5.2l.20-2?  I'm asking here instead of posting a bug
> because I remember there being some  discussion about this a little
> while back.

It could.  There is already some support for it in the Makefiles.  I
chose to leave it for the eventual maintainer to add since it has
packaging and support ramifications.  BTW, I did the same for libg++.

> Also, why is it that I can do an 'nm libname.so' on some shared
> libraries but not on others:

The -D option is now needed to list the dynamic symbols in a shared
library that can not be stripped.  You'll have to ask the binutils
developers why they did this.

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