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Re: New ftp method for dselect

> > I could make the bootstrap floppies support an FTP installation if you
> > would do the work necessary to integrate this method into dselect.
> > To do this you need a package naming standard - perhaps a deviation from
> > your plan, but easy enough to do and it would be of great benefit to us
> > in the short term. Of course we could handle it differently in the long
> > term.
> Right.  In order to avoid having to rename lots of packages or change
> their version numbers I propose the following naming scheme for files
> on the FTP site in the `binary' directory:
>   <package-name>--<version>[-<revision>].deb
> Note the two hyphens.

I missed the first part of this thread.  Sorry.  What is the resoning
for this drastic change?  

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