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Bug#1995: run-parts on laptops

   What does AC power have to do with run-parts ??

   run-parts is just a utility to run all the scripts in a directory.

   I think you should think where else this problem should be solved -
   possible the answer is to modify your /etc/crontab.

Yes.  On second thought I shouldn't be running cron on this particular
laptop at all.  The default configuration for cron does bad things to
the laptop.

However, savelog is a part of the cron package.  And, I very much need
savelog on this machine.

What I've done for the moment is:

(1) edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/cron.list to remove the entry referring to

(2) dpkg --purge cron

(3) put a named /etc/rc.boot/savelog on the system which runs savelog
on all /var/log/* files that don't have numbers in their names, then
deletes all emtpy files with numbers in their names.

Which brings me back to your question: "What does AC power have to do
with run-parts ??"

I think there's a good answer to this question, but I doubt the above
workaround to the current package implementation of cron will occur to
very many people.


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