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(fwd) kbd-0.91 is out - was: Re: Very strange keyboard error (fwd)

I was just forwarded this.

It was probably intended for the kbd maintainer, which is no longer me.

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Subject: (fwd) kbd-0.91 is out - was: Re: Very strange keyboard error

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Subject: kbd-0.91 is out - was: Re: Very strange keyboard error
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pha@pophost.eunet.be (Philip Arickx) writes:

: If caps lock is down, all keys 
: give the upper case letter *except* the letter m,
: which continues to give lower case.
: I'm using slackware 2.3, and run the be-lat1 keyboard map.
: Is the map faulty, or is the error more obscure ?

I think your map is faulty.
A week or maybe two ago, while creating kbd-0.91 I noticed
a similar flaw in one of the keymaps, possibly be-lat1
and corrected it.

[There are no "official" keymaps - usually I just make the
maps available that people send me - but sometimes obvious
bugs are corrected.]

Let me take this opportunity to announce that kbd-0.91 exists
(on ftp.funet.fi, near the kernel directory);
it seems my announcement on c.o.l.a. was eaten by the line eater.
[No need to get it - very little was changed.]

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