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Debian+umsdos (fwd)

We should consider adding umsdos support to Debian 1.0.  Alot of
people ask about it.  We shouldn't present umsdos as an alternative to
installing Debian "for real", but we could at least give our users the
option of using it.

(It might also be useful as a "try it before you install it for real"

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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 13:07:40 +0200
From: Juhana K Kouhia <kouhia@nic.funet.fi>
To: imurdock@www.debian.org
Subject: Debian+umsdos

Hi. I'm looking for solutions to the problem of getting TeX system
working easily in students home computers. One solution is to
use Linux with X.
Installation of Debian should be easy as possible, that is, without
need to repartition the hard disk --- umsdos file system is fine
for that.
Would you please make boot and root diskettes for installing Debian
entirely with umsdos system? The system can be the same as current
Debian but all Linux files on hard disk should be as umsdos -- diskettes
may be used with ext2 or msdos or whatever file systems. The swap should
be a swapfile, not a partition.

What you think about this? I think this is very fine solution to the
problem that students don't know or want to repartition their hard

Other solutions are 'emtex' or such  for msdos, but I see many
advantages in Linux if only students have big enough hard disk.

Juhana Kouhia

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