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Re: solving some of our FTP problems

  Bdale Garbee writes:
  Bdale> This solves the problem, since Pending wouldn't allow uploads, and
  Bdale> only things that look like packages with changes files for which all
  Bdale> the pieces look intact would be copied.  Scripting this doesn't seem
  Bdale> hard, either... wake up once in a while, look for changes files, for
  Bdale> each one confirm the presence and integrity of the pieces mentioned
  Bdale> in the changes file, if all matches mv the files...  then delete
  Bdale> anything older than some threshold to keep Incoming from filling up
  Bdale> with aborted attempts, etc.

I'd love that feature too. But that either requires a damn good script, or
that everybody uses the same .changes format. 

Given that we had that a rather use- and resultless discussion about a "human
readable" vs "machine parsable" format, I am not sure whether we can arrive

I like Bill's "dchanges" and use it. Do I dream when I think we could
establish the use of posting PGP signed dchanges output?

Dirk Eddelb|ttel                                http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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