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Re: coming soon

Bruce Perens writes ("coming soon"):
> I am changing "init" in a few ways:
> 	1. The "initrunlevel" file is moving to /etc from /var/log.
> 	   Currently, init gets sick if /usr is unmounted. I may look
> 	   at an alternative to using this file, so that it can better
> 	   tolerate a read-only root.

/var/run, surely ?

> 	3. /etc/rc[0-6].d will move to /etc/rc.d/rc[0-6].d to match the
> 	   practice on other Linux systems. Symbolic links will provide
> 	   compatibility with the old locations.

Is this really necessary ?  Real SysV's do things the way we have

> 	4. The /etc/init.d/functions file will no longer be used.

Please make it exist and be empty so that existing programs don't
break.  It should contain a comment saying that programs shouldn't use


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