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Re: Packages Files

brian white writes ("Packages Files "):
> I notice that the "Packages" file in the debian-1.0 directory lists
> pathnames relative to ALPHA-TEST directory instead of the root
> directory of the distribution as is the case will all the
> other "Packages" files.  This makes little sense to someone who
> got to the debian-1.0 directory via the "development" symlink.
> Could this be changed so they are all relative to, preferrably, the
> tree under which they reside (eg. debian-0.93, contrib, etc.) or,
> alternatively, the root directory of the distribution?

The 1.0 Packages file hasn't been updated since the tree was moved,
because it is generated by my crontab and I don't seem to be in the
appropriate group on ftp.debian.org.

If you hold off for a bit this will get sorted out when the ftp site
organisation is organised.

> Also, the "project" directory is missing the "Packages" file altogether.

The project directory shouldn't have one - it's not an ordinary
distribution tree, and isn't intended for automatic processing.


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