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Bug#1363: mount error messages do not match problem

On Thu, 14 Dec 1995 02:52:42 -0500, Robert Leslie <rob@advantage.org> said:

> I closely examined the source code for both the old (2.4-5) and new
> (2.5-1) versions of mount(8) as well as the code for mount(2) in the
> 1.2.13 kernel before suggesting my suspicion that the problem might
> no longer exist, if indeed it existed at all.

Very good then.

> [ Actually, I don't see *how* you could have received the particular
> message you described; perhaps either the `mount' included with the
> 0.93R6 pre-release-1 installation was an entirely different version,
> or your description was badly paraphrased? ]

It was not a paraphrase.  It was a verbatim quote of the message from
mount.  I don't know now what version of mount was in 0.93R6
pre-release-1.  Sorry I forgot to report the version at the time.
However, at the time of the report the 0.93R6 pre-release disks were
available and there was a big push to get the system out.  I assumed
the developer working on the base system would address the problem

> I won't close this report until either (a) the problem can be
> reproduced and a solution found, or (b) it is agreed the problem
> likely no longer exists. (In either case, the report should probably
> be reassigned to address the installation issue, unless that's
> already been taken care of?)

Sounds good.  Close it if you like, though.  I have encountered
strange messages from mount from time to time in the past.  Now that
my system is set up, I haven't had occasion to use mount manually much
at all.  If I find the problem again, I'll resubmit the report.


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