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Bug#1363: mount error messages do not match problem

> I understand why you want to close the problem report.  I don't like
> to see old bug reports linger, either.  However, it worries me when
> people close bug reports because they "suspect" the problem "might"
> have been fixed.  Especially when their only reason is that the
> version number was incremented.

This was one of several bug reports I have looked into regarding problems
with error messages returned by mount. Most of the problems have been fixed by
the new version, and I have suggested a patch to the upstream maintainers for
one that wasn't.

I closely examined the source code for both the old (2.4-5) and new (2.5-1)
versions of mount(8) as well as the code for mount(2) in the 1.2.13 kernel
before suggesting my suspicion that the problem might no longer exist, if
indeed it existed at all.

[ Actually, I don't see *how* you could have received the particular message
  you described; perhaps either the `mount' included with the 0.93R6
  pre-release-1 installation was an entirely different version, or your
  description was badly paraphrased? ]

I won't close this report until either (a) the problem can be reproduced and a
solution found, or (b) it is agreed the problem likely no longer exists. (In
either case, the report should probably be reassigned to address the
installation issue, unless that's already been taken care of?)

Robert Leslie

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