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Bug#1363: mount error messages do not match problem

On Wed, 13 Dec 1995 21:45:45 -0500, Robert Leslie <rob@advantage.org> said:

> I can't duplicate this problem (I don't have a spare scratch disk to
> test with) but I suspect the mount error messages may have
> sufficiently improved with version 2.5. I really can't say much else
> about this particular case, considering the circumstance.
> I would close this bug, but I don't know if anything should still be
> done about the install program.

I guess Bruce would know about the install program.

I understand why you want to close the problem report.  I don't like
to see old bug reports linger, either.  However, it worries me when
people close bug reports because they "suspect" the problem "might"
have been fixed.  Especially when their only reason is that the
version number was incremented.


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