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Bug#1363: mount error messages do not match problem

I can't duplicate this problem (I don't have a spare scratch disk to test
with) but I suspect the mount error messages may have sufficiently improved
with version 2.5. I really can't say much else about this particular case,
considering the circumstance.

I would close this bug, but I don't know if anything should still be done
about the install program.

> Package: root disk
> Version: 0.93R6 pre-release-1
> I've noticed this wierdness with mount for quite some time and am
> finally able to reproduce it.  The problem is that in certain
> situations mount prints erroneous or misleading error messages.
> When installing the new base system, I accidently typed in "/dev/hdb"
> instead of "/dev/hdb1" when the installation program asked me which
> partition I wanted to format.  This itself is a bug!  The installation
> program should have caught this.  Anyway, when I later tried to mount
> /dev/hdb1 on / (using option 4 of the installation program), mount
> gave the error message:
>    mount: /dev/hdb1 mount point does not exist
> Of course, the mount point really does exist.  The mount point is in
> the ramdisk.  The problem was a screwed up filesystem.
> So, "mount" needs to be fixed so that it prints appropriate error
> messages.  Also the install program needs to be fixed so that it won't
> let the user make silly mistakes like this.

Robert Leslie

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