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Re: symlink in /usr/include (fwd)

This is fine except that it will create a lot of /usr/include traffic. 
I try to track Linus and that means a kernel a week or so (I am deprived
Linus!  1.3.45 is OLD :-).  May I suggest a link in /usr/include to
/usr/src/linux/include/linux.  On my system, for example, /usr/src/linux
is a link to /usr/src/Kernels/1.x.yy.  When i get a new kernel (say
1.3.46), all I do is (cd /usr/src/Kernels/`.3.46/linux; rm
/usr/src/linux; ln -s `pwd` /usr/src/linux).  All this NOT as root (as
would be needed in the case of tinkering with /usr/include).

Of course I may be wrong, but....


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