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Re: solving some of our FTP problems

In article <m0tOwXM-0006TSC@mongo.pixar.com> you wrote:
: I think we should arrive at a happy medium - uploads
: are verified against their .changes file and moved into an accessable
: area that is not their final resting place. Ian can then move them, with
: the confidence that their integrity has been checked, to their place in
: the archive.

Boy, this makes lots of sense.  I'd suggest a 'Pending' directory at the same
level as 'Incoming'.

This solves the problem, since Pending wouldn't allow uploads, and only things
that look like packages with changes files for which all the pieces look 
intact would be copied.  Scripting this doesn't seem hard, either... wake up
once in a while, look for changes files, for each one confirm the presence and
integrity of the pieces mentioned in the changes file, if all matches mv the
files...  then delete anything older than some threshold to keep Incoming from
filling up with aborted attempts, etc.


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