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newest ncurses

I'm now uploading ncurses-1.9.8a-2 & co.  It is also available for ftp
from lot49.med.miami.edu:/pub/linux/ until it gets cleared at

Please don't release any packages that depend on this for a couple of days
at least.  Anyone who's seeing problems with the current package, please
upgrade and see if the problem goes away.  I think I've tracked most
problems down.  It should upgrade cleanly, but it is having to swap a few
things around, so if it doesn't, please let me know immediately. 

One reported problem with the current version can be worked around:  if,
after installing the updates, infocmp tells you it can't find a certain
terminal definition (say, linux or vt100), try doing: 

TERMINFO=/etc/terminfo infocmp ...

This should take care of the problem.  Unfortunately, infocmp uses
different routines to try and locate terminfo entries, and will take
longer to patch than ncurses itself because it is much more convoluted.  


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