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Bug#1998: xypic-3.2-3 requires nonexistant packages.

> Trying to configure xypic on a debian-1.0 (i.e. ALPHA) system fails
> due to dependencies on texbin, mfbin, and mflib packages newer than
> the ones currently available.
> These seem to be the currently available (development) packages:
> texbin-3.1415-4.deb
> mfbin-2.71-3.deb
> mflib-1.0-5.deb
In xypic packages a utility is used which will be included in the next
versions of texbin, mfbin and mflib. Nils Rennebarth didn't upload these
packages yet. He might not even have created them.
Erick Branderhorst@heel.fgg.eur.nl +31-10-4635142
Department of General Surgery (Intensive Care) University Hospital Rotterdam NL

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