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Re: ncurses-1.9.8a ELF release

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995, David Engel wrote:
> I have been told that this is undesirable for some autoconfed programs
> with emacs being the most notable example.  I don't remember all of
> the details but it has to do with forcing autoconf to use the
> curses/termlib interface to ncurses instead of the (incomplete/buggy?)
> termcap interface.

That's what I remembered, and I'm going to leave it out.  It won't be a 
big deal to put in if it turns out we're both mistaken.

Jeff -- I would be more likely to consider this if we had some 
experimental evidence regarding whether your average autoconf'd program 
will DTRT.  I'm willing to try it myself with ncftp and anything else I 
compile that uses ncurses, but I don't think that's a big enough sample.

> > For the moment I guess I'll re-rename them in the prerm.
> Ian Jackson, are you there?  I'd *really* like to hear your opinions
> on this.

I still want to get -2 out today because there are a few small but 
potentially significant problems in -1.

"I'm a dinosaur.  Somebody's digging my bones."

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