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Re: symlink in /usr/include (fwd)

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> 'Ian Murdock wrote:'
> >
> >How about installing the kernel headers directly in /usr/include,
> >rather than linking them into /usr/src?  I always assumed this was
> >standard kernel practice.  Apparently, I was wrong.  Are there any
> >opinions on the subject?
> The only problem I see would be if I upgrade my kernel from non-debian
> sources.  But then I'd be someone who knows what I'm doing, I suppose.

I don't think we can assume that all debian users wanting to build
alternate kernels will know what they're doing WRT debian-specific
quirkiness such as this.

> And what about systems with multiple kernel trees in /usr/src [...]?

User/developers who are not debian developers might well just un-tar
kernel sources from a non-debian source archive and manually change
the /usr/src/linux symlink according to what sources version they want
to work with at a particular time.

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