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Re: ncurses build options...

If the ncurses guys are going to keep blowing off binary compatibility,
then perhaps we should not mess with ncurses at all.

I'm not really sure where the big 'push' to move to ncurses came from
(on linux-gcc), and I don't see how it is any better (at this point) than
BSD curses.  At least BSD curses isn't changing anymore.

I've been using ncurses for about 8 months now, and so far keeping up
and dealing with bugs has been quite a nightmare.  BSD curses isn't as
sophisticated, but it usually works.

I don't want to end up with a Debian system littered with 7 different
ncurses libs, all incompatible.  There must be a Better Way.


> ncurses1.9.8 will be released really soon now and contains:
> ======== dist.mk ====== 
> # If a new ncurses has an incompatible application binary interface than
> # previous one, the ABI version should be changed.
> VERSION = 1.9.8
> SHARED_ABI = 2.2

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