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Re: ncurses build options...

On Thu, 7 Dec 1995, David Engel wrote:
> This will be necessary -- the ncurses developers have already changed
> the shared library version number once since they introduced shared
> library support and have indicated they won't hesitate to do so again.

I wondered at the fact that soname was .2.1.

> ncurses-base: base terminal definitions

That's no problem.  It'll be a tiny package, but no big deal.

> ncursesNN-lib: shared library only, multiple major versions allowed
> ncurses-progs: programs and manual pages

And make ncurses-progs dependent upon the appropriate ncursesNN.

> Do we really need/want debugging and profiling libraries?  No other
> packages currently provide these.

Fair enough.  For my purposes it just means the builds will be faster.

> No.  The header files should go in /usr/include with
> /usr/include/ncurses being a symlink to /usr/include for backwards
> compatibility.  Remember, ncurses is replacing curses and should be
> installed as curses.  Please look at the interim version that I did.


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